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It all started with dirty tricks, bizarre experiences and frustration

Like many of our esteemed clients, our founder is a successful and busy executive. He is a big believer in working hard, and playing even harder. Occasionally he desired the company of high class, elite VIP companions with dashing looks, elegance as well as an adventurous side. 

This turned out to be easier said than done. He found that the vast majority of escort websites in Cape Town were complete scams. Most sites looked tacky, and the escorts were far from high class. The more appealing sites displayed photos of attractive models, who turned out to not even work for the agencies. 

Turns out this is an age-old bait and switch tactic where enquiries about attractive models are used as bait, only to be told they are not available at the requested time. The switch occurs when less attractive models are offered instead. In most cases, the ‘replacement’ model hardly looks anything like her online photos. 

To add insult to injury, on two different occasions, unscrupulous operators tried to extort and blackmail him! After being found out as fakes, two different escorts turned out to be geniuses at tracking down his identity. 

Both of these individuals threatened to tell his wife unless he parted with significant sums of money. Fortunately his stunning wife is an extremely open minded individual and was not only aware of his activities, but supportive of it, so nothing came of the threats.

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Something had to be done, and VIP was established

After several frustrating and time wasting encounters, it became clear to our founder that there simply were no reputable agencies that offered high class, VIP companions to elite clientele. Being entrepreneurs, he and his lovely wife decided to start VIP Models – an agency with a distinct difference. 

Elite VIP escorts are usually aspiring models, actresses, singers and students, hoping to make it big. While they love the idea of being a VIP companion, they will only do so with quality clients and when their identities are kept discreet.

In the same fashion, an Elite agency can only attract and retain VIP clients if they first had VIP models. The solution to this chicken-egg dilemma became clear. Our founders put in place a set of principles that led to their winning recipe:

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Discretion, privacy and safety first

At VIP Models we understand that our clients have a lot to lose in life. Our clients are CEO’s of multinational corporations, celebrity actors and musicians, politicians, and people of power. Not only do our clients require absolute discretion for reputational purposes, 95% of them are married and want to avoid any possibility of family dramas.

Similarly our models do not want to ruin their chances of future success by being labelled escorts when their photos are discovered online. Our models are beautiful, smart and sophisticated young women with their whole lives ahead of them.

To this end, we go out of our way to protect both our clients as well as our models. Clients are protected in that they never, under any circumstances, divulge their identities to our models or anybody else for that matter.

We protect our models’ identities and to support them in their future endeavours. This explains why you do not see any un-blurred photos of our models, and we do not send any un-blurred photos under any circumstances. We exclusively work with clients and models that subscribe to this ethos. Discretion is non negotiable.

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Quality models and quality clients only

Finding only top drawer models that are a great fit for our culture requires a significant amount of effort. As an escort agency it is very tempting to ‘fill your books’ with a mix between high and average quality models. Our founders were very clear on their ideal clients from the beginning and decided to only add elite models to our roster, even if it meant having a smaller number of models on their books initially. 

We are simply uncompromising on quality. When you book an elite companion with VIP, you can rest assured that you will have a delightful encounter with a delightful, upper class lady companion. 

We also only work with top drawer clients. Our clients are billionaires, millionaires, celebrities and society’s elite. Powerful and accomplished men and couples who demand the best and believe in paying for quality. We form a long-term relationship with our clients and get to know their needs and desires intimately, allowing us to provide a VIP service.

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