How to Become a VIP Model Companion

Profile of A VIP Model

VIP Models is a boutique model companion agency that takes care of our models like gold. We work exclusively with stunning young models who are as beautiful within as they are on the outside. Our models are feminine and soft while intellectual, bright and ambitious. 

A VIP model is a symbol of elegance, class and sophistication and an absolute delight for clients to spend time with. Our models have adventurous sides and they love to travel and meet new people. They love interesting conversation and forming emotional connections with people. 

A VIP model is also a passionate and sensual young woman who loves exploring and embarking on new adventures. A VIP model is often a part time model, aspiring singer or actress, or even an ambitious career professional who seeks additional income and opportunities to meet new people. 

Why So Many Models Want to Join Our Agency

The models that get accepted onto our books love working with us. We are like a family that takes an interest in our models, and who treat them like gold. Models love knowing that we have their best interests at heart and make sure that they are safe and happy. 

Financial wellbeing is a big part of the reason why models join our agency. Let’s face it, looking beautiful can cost a fortune. In fact, most people underestimate what it costs for a model to look her best. 

Top drawer hair treatments, professional aesthetic procedures, make up, manicures and pedicures, laser hair removal, quality cosmetics, gym memberships, combined costs a pretty penny. Add to this beautiful clothing, sexy shoes, jewellery and quality perfume, and you begin to realise, looking beautiful is not for those without financial means. 

Some of our models find themselves in positions where life dealt them a hard blow and they need to increase their income. Becoming a single mom or dealing with a family health crisis can quickly send one tumbling.

VIP models also love hanging out with powerful, successful and interesting men and couples. They love meeting new people and enjoy the opportunities that open up for them when meeting society’s elite. 

Our models also love to travel and explore new places. They enjoy the opportunity to accompany clients on local and international business trips, experiencing the finest hotels in the world. Fine French champagne and fine dining, anyone? 

VIP models are also sensual women with a bit of a wild side. They crave sensuality and intimacy and love exploring their own bodies and their own sexuality. VIP Models only get paid for companionship and are not required to have sex with clients, as prostitution is illegal in South Africa. However they often find themselves very attracted to their powerful clients, and joy the spoils of what happens between consenting adults. 

Guaranteed discretion and safety

At VIP models we put the safety of our models first. We screen all clients properly and make sure that you only see elite clientele that will treat you with respect. You will only receive bookings at top hotels in Cape Town, and if travel trips are requested by clients, we take extra precautions to ensure we know who the client is and if they are reliable. 

Many of our companions are also part time or full time models, aspiring actresses and singers, or women with careers. We offer uncompromising discretion to protect your identity and your image. All your photos will be watermarked and your facial features disguised. And we will never send un blurred pictures to clients without your express consent. 

Our casting process

To join our team of talented young VIP escort models, please reach out to us Whatsapp. Please note that your application will be treated in the strictest confidence so you do not have to be concerned to conceal your identity. 

Please give us accurate information so that we can assess if you are a good fit for our agency. Once we have screened your application, we will reach out to you and schedule time for a meeting to discuss the opportunity further. 

It is important to realise that we provide a boutique service to our clients and we promise only the highest quality and most beautiful model companions. As a result, we only accept a small number of applications. 

We look forward to your application and hopefully chatting to you soon.

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